Post-launch comms

What are these resources?

Message templates to help you keep up momentum following launch day!

You may not get to tell all of your staff about the app on launch day, so be sure to follow up via your usual communication methods.

When to use these resources

Drip feed the messages every other day for two weeks following launch

How to use these resources

If communicate with your team by Whatsapp or text message, download our Post-Launch SMS and Whatsapp Templates.  Simply dictate the messages into Whatsapp, or copy and paste them into your SMS channel – remember to add emojis!

If you usually send a team email to communicate important info, download our Post-Launch Email Templates and copy and paste them into your email.

If you have a team Facebook group, download our Post-Launch Facebook Posts and Post-Launch Images.  Upload the images to your team Facebook group and copy and paste the suggested wording into your posts.